Wan Chai, Hong Kong




The existing building, a ground up construction, is designed by KplusK. A blue palette was central to the architectural design along with irregular protruding balconies we referred to as ‘outties’. plusClover was hired as the interior designer with two objectives. First, to reconfigure the layout of the building to accommodate an increased number of apartments and secondly, to create a new brand identity for CHI.
Working with an existing structure, the plan was re-configured and subdivided into nano units, with an average of 300 SF per unit. Our strategy in working with such restricted footprints, is counter-intuitive in placing a series of objects with each unit. These objects create zones of pressure and intensity, allowing for corresponding areas of release. Sizes becomes relative. These objects were referred to as ‘innies’, corresponding to the ‘outties’ of the balconies, thereby linking the interior with the exterior. With thickened walls of poche, the ‘innies’ also multitask as storage spaces.
Nested within one of the most intense and vibrant areas of Hong Kong, the plan and orientation of each space is designed to maximise views into the city. Instead of retreating from the dense urban fabric surrounding the building, it is embraced and absorbed into the space. The elevational and pixelated facades of the neighbourhood buildings are pulled into the smooth, fluid surfaces of the interior, blurring the lines between the resident and the city.