‘From Jane Jacobs to Phyllis Lambert – the city as dream’

September 2020

Clover is going to be the convenor on Phyllis Lambert's webinar "From Jane Jacobs to Phyllis Lambert - the city as dream" on Zoom, Sep 17 2020 20:00 (more...)

‘M+ Matters: Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City’

November 2019

Let's talk on Women, Architecture, and the City! Clover will be part of the upcoming "Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City" by M+ Matters at Asia Society, Nov 23 2019, 10:00-18:00 (more...)

‘Altitude: Building Hong Kong’ by Ulrich Kirchhoff

November 2017

Clover will be the Respondent to Ulrich Kirkhoff’s lecture “Altitude : Building Hong Kong” at University of Hong Kong Nov 23 2017 18:30

MTR Admiralty Station, Hong Kong

August 2017

Our art installation titled Playcode is unveiled at the Admiralty MTR station today!

CHI Residences, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

March 2017

CHI Residences’s newest property in Hong Kong, with interiors of the over 100 units designed by plusClover, is slated for a soft opening in May this year. The serviced apartment tower located on Johnston Road in Wan Chai is CHI Residences’s fifth location in Hong Kong and the company’s first self-owned property.

MTR Admiralty Station, Hong Kong

Construction has begun on the inter-platform stairwell at MTR Admiralty Station. Our design, which captures the spirit of the MTR and alludes to Admiralty’s history, is part of MTR’s overhaul and expansion of the rail system’s key interchange station.

Ruby Court, South Bay, Hong Kong

Tiling has been completed at our façade renovation of the two residential towers of Ruby Court in South Bay. Here’s Clover inspecting the work.

Plukka + Artoriz, New York

October 2016

Inspired by Sol Lewitt’s “Isometric Projection #13”, the design of the Plukka+Artoriz pop-up store inscribes a new spatial geometry into the existing space using a series of two and three dimensional lines. On one hand, the lines are the structure that supports the jewelry display cases; on the other, they are inscribed onto the floor, walls and ceiling of the existing space, creating a dense and vibrant field through which one walks through. The pieces of Plukka and Artoriz jewelry are displayed on the two sides of the store, with the circulation space in between. The path of travel runs diagonal and asymmetrical to the space, creating a dynamic experience with the displays and the space itself. This movement, together with the lines, remap the geometry of the space.

Plukka, Chater House

April 2016

Plukka's (www.plukka.com) first permanent boutique in Hong Kong opened at Chater House, Central, on April 29th, following the success of its pop-up store at the Landmark and first retail store at London's Burlington Arcade. The new boutique features an arresting curved exterior wall and giant wall mural by the Chinese contemporary ink artist Hong Chun Zhang.