Liger Limited


Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong




Located at an indoor/outdoor courtyard space—with a skylight above and glass floor below—in one of the busiest malls in Hong Kong, the RedLine Kiosk at Harbour City evokes the delicacy of the RedLine bracelets through the balance and tapering of the structure. Designed to both blend in and stand out, the kiosk is comprised of a series of white, laser-cut steel members that are rolled and taper toward the bottom, giving the kiosk a distinctive visual presence against the backdrop of the gridded orthogonal structures of the ceiling, floor and mall at large. Primary structural members form a series of loops (playing off the RedLine bracelet) that expand and collapse as one moves through and around the kiosk. Thinner secondary members support a clear glass enclosure, the cadence of which graduates from more dense in the rear to the most sparse in the front – embellishing the directionality and thrust of the overall structural assembly. Installed in alternating bays, a film applied to the glass provides shading for the kiosk as well as a surface upon which the RedLine logo mysteriously floats—adding a buoyancy to the design that complements the structure’s delicate balance.
The display cases similarly taper from bottom to top and front to back, reinforcing attributes of the overall structure. They are designed to choreograph a multitude of ways in which clients and staff can interface with one another and the products. The layout of the display cases sets up oblique lines of viewing and circulation that weave in and out of the structural loops. Each display case has integrated lighting, felt interiors and a thin shadow line that wraps the case and folds down in the front and rear to grab metal logo plates. With three different heights and sizes, the collection of display cases allows for a flexibility of different display scenarios, ranging from singular set-ups looking at one new product to a distributed set-up showcasing different types and/or sizes of jewelry separated into five cases.