DuPont China


Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Commercial Storefront


Yud Yud is the product of an evolving collaboration between plusClovers, artist C.E.B. Reas and DuPont China. It is the first application of back lit Corian™ exterior in China. Set within an old, medium density walking area of Wan Chai, Yud Yud stands in contrast to its surroundings. It builds upon the persona of the typical Hong Kong gate, pushing it toward the enigmatic. Designed from the interior to extend the pinup space of the plusClovers studio it is designed to be explored, touched and engage other forms of sight. Onlookers have been found rubbing it. It is an urban artifact not meant to be fully understood but capture and interact with one’s imagination. Much of the visual and spatial ambiguity of the storefront lie in the tension designed between dimensions. For instance, two and three dimensions are blurred by both forming and etching an otherwise matte, Corian™ facade. The design engages the fourth dimension using animated LED lighting that produces a “twilight” affect. What appears heavy and dense at moments reverberates between opaque, translucent and transparent; slowly pulsing etched lines appear and then fade out and disappear.