The Repulse Bay - a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited


Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


210 SQM café


PlusClovers’ design for breakers café is their first full brand concept and design project. Using the existing columns as focal points to re-shape the space, the design for breakers shifts the attention away from the walls to the ceiling, giving it a new sense of openness and extension. Using a mixture of contemporary geometry, abstract graphics and rusticated recycled materials, the design bravely assembles a new sensibility of the café experience. Flanking the gym and the pool, it is an intensely colorful and vibrant environment with spectacular forms while at the same time, the design remains open ended and comfortable to retreat and relax in. The curvilinear counter and custom designed chalkboard menus organize the two lobes of the restaurant; beverage and food. Coffee tables - designed using recycled elm wood - and lounge chairs welcome you at the multi-leveled entrance, covered by the swirling graphic artwork (custom designed by plusClovers) of the column vaulting overhead. Formed directly from computer models and laser scanned to three dimensionally map the art work, the vaults imbue a degree of intimacy as one moves into the space. The artwork is conceived spatially - the color density is the richest on the ceilings and “capitals” of the columns. Along the stem and base, the texture becomes more intense and the color density fades, producing an uncanny set of combined two dimensional and three dimensional effects emitting throughout the space. The amoeba-shaped communal tables - designed using recycled ship planking - nestle up against columns behind which the graphics culminate in a large mural of foam and surf. The logo, takeaway items, napkins and cups are conceived in tandem with the interior design. The sideways “k” in the logo takes the geometry of the columns and “breaks” the word breakers. Combined with clips of the columnar artwork, these accessory items build upon the environmental graphics and further extend the mood of breakers Café into the Repulse Bay property at large.