Brain Trust Limited


Stanley, Hong Kong




Set along the coast of Stanley Bay, plusClovers’ Beach House takes the idea of adaptive re-use to new lengths. The project is both a gut renovation of four apartment units and a restoration of the exterior. Re-working the edges, top and underbelly of the building, the design includes three alterations that unfurl into the garden, wrap the roof patio and interweave through the common space stair. Two of the four units are identical, the penthouse and lower ground unit are unique. The common space stair well and canopy ties all four together, where the wood ceilings and floors (a mixture of restored and new woods) “leak” into the entries of each unit, transforming into the cabinets of a reconfigured open kitchen and living room. plusClovers was able to entirely reconfigure the ground floor unit, integrating what was a back of house service wing with the central space that now affords expansive views of the South China Sea. Directly underneath the structural core of the building, the ceiling in this unit was jumbled with beam networks and infrastructure. PlusClovers ingeniously used a variable coffered ceiling to render and articulate this network as an architectural texture; adding a supple quality to this central living area. The design for the penthouse re-orients and thrusts the living dining room out onto the roof patio, where the altered canopy, bench and wall system work in tandem to make a hybrid indoor/outdoor room.