The Repulse Bay Company, Limited


Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


Outdoor Bar


Breeze is a Pop-up Bar at The Repulse Bay, joining a family of restaurants with a long history in the South Bay. The challenge was two-fold: one on hand, the Breeze is an in-house Pop-up that must be easily installed and dismantled at a moment’s notice. On the other hand, while casual, the brand identity of the Breeze needs to be on par with the Repulse Bay’s other venerable names such as The Verandah, Spices and the Bamboo Bar. For the menus, we used recycled paper that is normally used for the labels sewn to the back of Jeans, this sustainable and durable material sets a tone for this new member of the club at the Repulse Bay. Exploring new materials, embracing flexibility adn mobility, the Breeze defines a new era for one of the oldest establishments in Hong Kong.