Children’s Museum Ltd.


North Point, Hong Kong


600 SQM Children's Museum


CDM (Hong Kong Children’s Discovery Museum) is Hong Kong’s first Children’s Museum. Founded by two childhood friends who have expertise in childhood education and exhibit design, the Museum advocates child-led educational and play experiences. Situated in the podium of an office tower, the space for the museum is truncated by a large cylindrical volume, essentially separating the floor plate into two distinct zones. Working closely with the founders, plusClover took advantage of this ‘pinched’ plan to create a series of different zones and atmospheres that is synchronized with the exhibit zones. Different from an art museum that often seeks maximum flexibility, the Children’s Museum works with custom built exhibits that fits tightly into the space, as such, the spatial layout has to work closely with the intent of the exhibits.
This design also takes into consideration the scale of the Children. Datums that run through the space are held at heights within the reach of Children between the ages of 4 to 10. These datum lines expand into zones containing information, seating and activities of interaction for the visitors.