Hornetta, SCIArc


Los Angeles, California, USA


Exhibition of Full Scale Prototypes


PlusClovers’ installation Immuring is currently on view at SCIArc until July 18, 2010. Immuring consists of six full-scale prototypes that were developed in collaboration with LA-based artist C.E.B Reas as the cladding system for Lunar House. The cladding system - the exterior enclosure of a typical suburban home - is re-imagined as a fresco that pushes the third and the fourth dimensions. Immuring is a material study that takes the fresco’s illusive and painterly effects explores them in new scales - between Reas’ artwork and PlusClovers’ architecture. Three prototypes use Corian Exterior cladding, a flat panel material that is etched and formed to shape light and texture. The etching extracts material to create zones of thinner material, allowing for programmed, fiber optic lighting from behind to glow through the material. Using the identical fresco line work, three prototypes use Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) as an alternative to the Corian cladding. This is fabricated using an additive process that builds up material on a wax mold. As such, these prototypes produce different effects with different means, yet both are nuanced and delicate, actually thin yet appearing tremendously thick.