Houston, Texas


2,500 SF Studio Residence


Lunar House is a 2500 square foot, three bedroom, three bath speculative house designed by Hong Kong-based plusClovers for Hometta; a U.S. developer. The project represents an emerging pattern of pan pacific/US-China collaborations where the skin is entirely designed and fabricated in Hong Kong and Guangzhou then shipped and imported to the developer in the U.S. Working with Los Angeles - based artist C.E.B. Reas, plusClovers designed Lunar House re-imagining the exterior of a typical suburban home as a fresco, able to be robotically carved and lit in various ways for prospective home owners. The painterly and illusive aspects of Reas’ line work are integrated with the windows and building’s mass forming a translucent, glowing, shell that houses a series of terraces, live and work spaces. Lunar House is groundbreaking in using Corian Exterior – a durable and environmentally friendly material – in a residential application. The elevations of Lunar House integrate fiber optic lighting and bas relief virtually extending the landscape of a typical 50x100 foot site by adding depth and verticality. It transforms over the course of a day or evening. Living in the house becomes a series of transitions, shifts and reversals from open to closed, heavy to light as one drives in, parks, moves beneath, behind and inside this fresco-landscape