The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong


500 SF Store


All black and forming the apse of a dead-end retail corridor, the design for Plukka’s first pop up store transcends the stereotypical jewelry store. Located in one of the most coveted retail locations in Central Hong Kong, Plukka stands out as black-hole loop that draws one into its mysterious environment. Joanne Ooi, CEO and founder, of Plukka hired the dynamic team of Johnston Marklee (based in Los Angeles) and davidclovers (Hong Kong) to design their first “brick and mortar” presence .Plukka is an online brand with a new reatiling concept that harnesses a unique collection of avant-garde jewelry and designers. For Plukka to hit the fashion scene and full sprint Ooi wanted a design that is exclusive and intimate, yet stood out; that is elegant and luxurious, yet experimental and edgy. The design team came up with a simple concept that treats the store as an apse-void with a collection of object-like stands floating within it. The curvature of the enclosing walls reveals and conceals the collection, collapses and expands the space. The pin stripe wall paper (which fades as it revolves around the store) augments this effect and is tangibly noticeable from afar as it spills out onto the light box at the entry. The store has an alluring presence as one promenades through the retail destination. The design is at once introverted, intimate and extroverted due to the combination of its form and graphic articulation. The prefabricated display jewelry cases form pedal-like clusters that emerge out of the flooring. The break-down of a single larger display case into 11 smaller cases allows Plukka to showcase individual designers, smaller collections or a single designer – which they do once a month at their self -titled “animation” events.