Kadoo Development Corporation


Zhuhai, Guangdong, China


Nine Civic Pavilions and 55 Hectare Carpark


This project suggests an innovative design strategy for developing the roof tops of large scale podia and the associated parking garages underneath. It demonstrates how new construction techniques can be mixed with traditional construction using innovative techniques that support issues of heritage while also cultivating new ideas about how cities and housing developments are inhabited. The parking garage uses structure and lighting to naturally ventilate the garage and integrate greenhouse elements in lower floors. The sensor-based lighting system (comprised of over 100000 LED lamps) was custom designed as a cost effective system of way-finding signage. The pavilions act as ventilation shafts and as civic resting areas, changing rooms and exercise areas. They integrate long and short views, topography, sunlight, artificial light and circulation to produce intensified zones within the 55 hectare site. The roofs form a backdrop from most views hiding the brilliantly colored wood truss system underneath. Referencing the effects of the Chinese pavilions at Chengde, the entire network of pavilions combine different ideas of view, color, scale, orientation and intimacy to provide a rich texture of experiences throughout the site.