RedLine Hong Kong


Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong




RedLine is a French jewelry line based on a simple idea - a thin red string with a diamond. The beauty of this simplicity lies in its possibility of variations. Three years after RedLine 1.0, we were asked to design a new iteration of the store, in the same location, within the same mall. The client requested a store that is distinctly different, yet recognizable.
Confined by the exact same store footprint, the new design worked with a minimum set of lines to inscribe a volume of space using two arcs tandem to one another. The arcs not only define the upper planes of the volume, but the implied space beyond. Located on a raised podium of the shopping mall, one approaches RedLine from different elevations. The perception of these arcs appear and disappear with these variegated viewing angles, rendering them more or less visible.
These arcs on one hand, tell the story of the product; while on the other, act as three-dimensional signage. The arcs are inscribed into the platform upon which the store and display cases sit, and juxtaposed against the shadows of the arcs, mapping the natural daylight from the skylight above. Selective reflective surfaces also bring in fragments of the landscape beyond. Building on the neutral palette of the first iteration, the lines and arcs that define the canopy are the same red of the brand, contrasting against the neutral colored display cases that present a rainbow of jewelry.