The Repulse Bay - a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited


Repulse Bay, Hong Kong




In August 2013, plusClovers completed a series of projects that cohesively integrates the common areas along the podium of The Repulse Bay, giving a new identity to the Complex. The projects include renovation for de Ricou (a residential tower), Waterscape (an outdoor pool with changing rooms), PlaySquare (a children’s play area), Entry Lobbies, Carpark Lobbies and Breakers (a café). The architecture activates spaces that were once relatively singular by transforming them into active landscapes that are part-recreation, part-social condenser and part-infrastructure. Each project uses material, prototyping and digital fabrication techniques developed by plusClovers over the past four years that are pushed to new scales of research and experimentation. Episodically flanking the primary pedestrian and vehicular pathways of the complex, the projects work as an ensemble of architectural and interior alterations that have a large-scale impact.