KaiLong Group


Wan Chai, Hong Kong


3 show units, 50-100SQM


Despite Hong Kong being one of the most efficient cities in construction, markets often move at an even faster pace. With the pandemic having caused a major reshuffling of our world, traditional office spaces are facing a downturned market. We were approached by a developer who built a ground up office building in a prime location in HK during the pandemic. Unfortunately, by the time construction was completed, the office market was in a slump. As such, the developer asked us to design 3 spaces that explores the expanded definition of the workspace. It gave us an opportunity to rethink the use of space in our post pandemic city.
Working with two 50 SQM units and one 100 SQM combined unit, we designed three distinct spaces of work - one is a work space that is shaped by the virtual content and environment; one is work space that is shaped by the collection and display of physical content and objects; one work space is about the crossover of working and living activities.
All three instances demands the remapping of the line that divides and living and working spaces. Each design used a specific material texture and media to distinguish itself from the others - the paper tubes, the stone braille texture and the folded parentheses.