Pokfulam Development Company Limited


Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


6-unit apartment building


the cove is a six-unit low rise residential building designed by Jackson Wong and Gordon Brown in the 1960s. We were asked to rebrand and redesign the building – both in terms of the layouts in order to create more distinction between the 6 units, but also to incorporate sustainable construction and operational aspects into the project. Stripping the building to its structure, totally rethinking the whole layout of the units, but also appropriating some of the most unique design elements (light scoops, internal stair, ).
The skinning and massing strategies focused on connecting the building to the ground. We used a series of ramps, patios and balconies to strengthen the connection between the units and the landscape. The cladding is designed to work with the openings to peel and unveil the massing of the building, resulting in a more nuanced reading of the building volume and its apertures.
On the interior, we kept the original finishes of the internal stair and extended its material language throughout the lobby spaces, stitching these units back together. Our design treasures the original design intentions of original architects without nostalgia, but exploits the timelessness of the smart and simple design moves. By using sustainable materials and construction methods, it shows that it is possible to incorporate contemporary technology within a building structure that was constructed more than 60 years ago.